Today I would like to write about my newest discovery- dermaceuticals from polish – swiss company Larens WellU. Nowadays, more and more people are interested in natural cosmetics. However, we have to say, that mostly such cosmetics do not really give good results. Larens found a way to produce amazing products, which contain up to 100% natural substances and achieve great results. They put together science and natural products- a combination which I like the most. In their offer you will find cosmetics without pigments, bad preservatives, silicones, parabenes and fragrances. They put an effort into being sure, that all of the ingredients in their products are of the best quality. Among different substances you can find there encapsulated in liposomes collagen and elastin peptides, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and biomimetic and signal peptides. The company wins different prizes for innovative products every year!

Comming back to liposome encapsulated collagen and elastin peptides. What actually these liposomes are? Liposomes are one of many lipid- based nanosystems, which are used in cosmetics to transport active substances into deep layers of the skin. It is very important to know, that our skin’s function is to protect us from exogenous factors like allergens, chemicals and microorganisms. Skin’s structure is made in a way, so that nothing from outside can easily enter our body. Upper layers of the skin contain very little of water, what makes them unpermeable for water based cosmetics. Most of the substances in cosmetic products is able to enter upper parts of the skin, however it is almost impossible for them to penetrate to middle part of the skin (dermis), where actually most of the skin problems begin. Liposomes due their structure, which resembles structure of the skin, are able to enter very deep and release active substances in a place where they are needed. If you want to get more informations about liposomes, you can read one of my blog entries about the topic.

Liposom structure and liposome encapsulated active substances.

Coming back to Larens. Company offers skin cosmaceuticals for face and the body. They produce cosmetics suited to all skin types. Even people suffering from acne, allergies and atopic dermatitis can use their products. The most important thing about the company are substances which they use in their formulations. I went through all of the ingredients and I have to say, that I am positively surprised. I could find among them substances which can fight almost all skin problems. Growth factors (FGF, EGF, VEGF, IGF-1), lactobionic acid and gluconolactone (anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties), collagen and elastin peptides, palmitoyl oligopeptide, hyaluronic acid, ferulic acid (strong antioxidant), colloid silver (antimicrobial), hydromanil (moisturizing), phytodermina lifting complex (moisturizing), Omega-6 fatty acid complex and ectoin (anti-inflammatory and moisturizing) are the most fancy ingredients. Apart of them we can find there many typical ingredients, like vitamin E, squalen, rice oil, allantoine (moisturizing), panthenol, urea, lactic acid, vitamin C, biotin, hamamelis, amino acids, jojoba oil, gingko biloba, centella asiatica, laminaria saccharina (moisturizing), sunflower oil, avocado oil, rutin and many many more  🙂

I have lately tried few products from Larens and I have to say, that these are the best cosmetics I have used so far! I was able to see good results already after few days of using them. The have very neutral smell, are not fatty and leave skin soft and hydrated. I was really happy about packages and the containers of the products. They look very luxurious and are extremely easy to dose.

Face before and after massage with Larens products (Repair+ Milk, Biorepair toner, Lipocoll, Biorenew tissue face mask, GLA serum). Skin appears brighter and you can see decreased wrinkles appearance.

Here I would like to describe few of them:

You all know how important is daily face cleaning. Larens came up with a great product to remove your makeup and wash your face. It removes all of the impurities and even strong make-up in a very gently and efficient manner. One of the main ingredients is rice oil, which apart from very good cleaning properties, nourishes your skin with unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. Moreover, it contains liposomal collagen complex, hyaluronic acid, lactobionic acid, vitamin E and coconut water. It hydrates and nuirishes your skin while cleansing. Lactobionic acid has very strong anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. It is perfect ingredient for dry and prone to couperose skin. It acts similarly to all of the AHA acids staying very gentle to your skin. Some of you could be unhappy due to the fact, that the milk contains paraffin. Although I am not fan of this ingredient I have to say, that rest of the INCI is very good! Let’s be honest – paraffin do not enter the skin and for me is actually neutral ingredient. I can surely recommend this product for daily use for every skin type!


Thanks to lactobionic acid, toner brightens and smooths the skin. It is enriched in panthenol and allantoin, which have very good moisturizing properties. We can find there Centella asiatica extract with anti-aging properties. This extract contains asiatic acid, which is a perfect weapon against dry skin and wrinkles. My other favourite ingredients of the toner are biomimetic peptides (collagen, elastin peptides and palmitoyl oligopeptide). Due to their small size they can enter deep layers of the skin, where the are able to stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin. Biorepair+ toner has strong anti-inflammatory properties and is perfectly suited for very sensitive skin types.

Biopeptide toner from Larens.


This is very innovative serum in a form of spray. You can use it after sunbathing, you can use it on your face many times during the day, you can use it as a serum and you can use it even for your hair! It smells very neutral and leaves your skin smooth and shiny! I just love it. It contains biopeptide complex with collagen and elastin peptides, hydromanil, biotine, sodium hyaluronate, urea, vitamin E and colloidal silver. It is perfectly suited for every skin type.


I am in love in this product as well! It contains 20% liposomal complex of proteins, peptides and amino acids (collagen, elastin, palmitoyl oligopeptide, histones and lumicans). Histones are proteins involved in DNA stabilisation. Lumicans are important for collagen biosynthesis proteins and are extracellular matrix structural proteins. This serum has strong anti-aging properties. Due to combination of signal peptides in liposomes, it can also fight other problems of the skin. You can use if you suffer from acne and hyperpigmentation as well.

Lipocoll 20% collagen serum and Biopeptide Serum Spray.

GLA serum is actually no serum at all. It is a cream, which got its name due to having high concentration of active substances. It is perfect choice for all people having very dry, sensitive skin. Due to gamma linolenic acid complex (Omega-6) it rebuilds hydrolipid layer and nuirishes the skin. Loss of Omega-6 can lead to loss of elasticity, drying out of the skin, acne and hypersensitivity. Application of products containing Omega acids can restore protective barrier of the skin and improve resistance to adverse external factors. We can find there liposomal collagen and hyaluronic acid complex as well. Panthenol, Gingko biloba extracts and vitamin E can help fighting couperose and are perfectly suited for dry and sensitive skin types. Vitamin E is strong antioxidant, which protects cell membranes in the skin by preventing fatty acid and lipid oxidation. Gingko biloba is known to strengthen blood vessels and has strong anti-aging properties. This cream is reach in nourishing oils as well. We can fing them full of unsaturated Omega acids and vitamins avocado seed oil, wheat seed oil and peach seed oil.

It is a very good cream with strong anti-aging properties! It contains liposomal collagen and peptide complex, liposomal hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, rutin and Phytodermina lifting complex. Phytodermina complex is a plant based compound made of cyclic oligosaccharides. It has strong moisturizing properties and provides immediate lifting effect. Skin becomes smooth and bright already after first usage! I love to use this cream for face massage. It contains two amazing, natural and modern preservatives, which are assumed to be skin friendly, they have moisturizing properties and do not cause allergy at all! It is luxurious product and what is more important it does its job really well!

Pretty expensive, but still the best mask I have ever used  🙂 It assures regeneration, moisture, protection and stimulation of the skin. As a main product we can find there bioplacenta complex. Plant placenta is a source of highly concentrated growth factors. Among others we can find there EGF (epithelial growth factor), FGF (fibroblast growth factor), VEGF (vascular epithelial growth factor). These proteins stimulate angiogenesis (creation of new capillaries) and production of skin structural proteins. It is a perfect weapon against many skin problems- from acne, through dry skin, to very mature skin with wrinkles. Apart from plant placenta, we can find there many biomimetic and signaling peptides: oligopeptides 1 and 2, polypeptides 1, 9 and 11 and Arginine/lysine oligopeptide. Moreover, we can find there phytodermina saccharide complex of very strong moisturizing properties. Interesting ingredient is soybean and Bacillus ferment extract. It stimulates skin bacteria to growth and has anti-inflammatory and protective function. Last but not least, we can find there allantoine, squalen, hyaluronic acid and collagen and elastin peptide complex. So much goods in one mask! I love it as well 🙂

BIO Renew tissue mask with growth factors and biopeptide complex.

In this serie we can find few cosmetics containing ectoine. Ectoine is an ingredient which can be very helpful with fighting allergy and inflammation. It has strong moisturizing and protective properties. Ectoine has been obtained from extremophile microorganisms- bacteria living in very harsh environments (geysers). First product with ectoine is Dermowash. It contains complex of natural fish collagen peptides, aloe vera and argan oil. In this series we can find serum and cream as well. Apart from ectoin, thy contain biopeptide complex, collagen and elastin, allantoine, vitamine E and C, hyaluronic acid, hydromanil, colloid silver, jojoba oil and gluconolactone. Thanks all of these ingredients, dermowash serie is perfectly suited for very sensitive, prone to couperose and acne skin type. It helps to alleviate allergy symptoms and is perfectly suited for dermatitis patients.


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